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We care about Zimbabwe because the white landowners are being thrown off the land. We fear Iran because we can't tolerate a Muslim country that could compete with Israel on equal terms. We condemn Hizbollah because in the end we see our interests as inextricably tied with those of Israel. How else to explain that Gordon Brown can refuse to attend a summit when Mugabe is present yet, a few weeks earlier, dress up in tails to greet the King of Saudi Arabia on a state visit? What else accounts for the fact that we proclaim we want democracy in the Middle East and then reject its results as soon as a group that we dislike – Hamas – is fairly elected in Palestine?
Of course, it was ever thus. The West has always clothed its self-interest in the language of moral uplift, declaring our desire to bring the Bible to the heathen and our ways to the uneducated, all the while imposing taxes on salt and imports, tying up the developing world's resources and making sure that they provided a ready market for our exports.
Adrian Hamilton: It's time to ditch hypocrisy in our foreign policy - The UK Independent,27 December 2007

Avigail Abarbanel PDF Print E-mail

Emotional resilience also includes the ability to tolerate the experience of being disapproved of, disliked and rejected by others, sometimes even by relatives and close friends. Avigail Abarbanel

Cry, Beloved Country PDF Print E-mail

Uri Avnery  Egypt has fallen into the hands of a brutal, merciless military dictatorship, pure and simple. Like the locusts of old, the military officers have fallen upon the land. They are not likely ever to give it up voluntarily.m Even before, the Egyptian military had enormous assets and privileges. They control vast corporations, are free of any oversight and live off the fat of a skinny land. Now they control everything. Why should they give it up?

Why Arab Democracy Will Fail PDF Print E-mail

Ronald Bailey | August 23, 2013    U.S. foreign and military aid enables dictators to bribe opponents for a while but ends up making them appear as U.S. stooges to their people.

There are many problems with the whole 9/11 issue : Edward Corrigan PDF Print E-mail

5 min Video   "I'm sure if you water boarded Dick Cheney 160 times, he'd confess to be behind 9/11" Canadian HR Lawyer, Edward Corrigan

Canada’s activists haven’t the foggiest idea how to bring down Harper’s police state PDF Print E-mail

Greg Felton   Stephen Harper’s despotism might have been terminated long ago if this country’s high-minded, high-principled, ever-so-reasonable defenders had the courage and the will to do what was necessary.

No Place for Gays in Yemen PDF Print E-mail

  “We don’t have gays in Yemen,” he said, reiterating the official position on the subject. The culture of denial continued at the complaints department of the ministry, where an official said he did not know of any records of prosecution or detention of any gay people. However, as many as 316 gay men have been arrested

Prime minister Stephen Harper seeks to get ahead of Senate scandal he created PDF Print E-mail

Tim Harper     Facing a coalition crisis, the Commons prorogued, his future uncertain, the prime minister set a record that day, appointing 18 senators , including Patrick Brazeau, Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy.

Message from Leadnow.ca PDF Print E-mail

   The Harper Conservatives are using the power of our government to stack the deck in their favour. From spending $113 million on Economic Action Plan ads to putting people like Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin into the Senate so they can charge you for expenses when they hit the Conservative fundraising circuit, the Harper Conservatives are using your money to cement their political control of your country.

Tayyib Erdogan PDF Print E-mail

"I am calling on Western countries. You remained silent in Gaza, you remained silent in Syria. You are still silent on Egypt. So how come you talk about democracy, freedom, global values and human rights?" Tayyib Erdogan 20130804

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