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Those in power need checks and restraints lest they come to identify the common good for their own tastes and desires, and their continuation in office as essential to the preservation of the nation -- Justice William O. Douglas (1898-1980), U. S. Supreme Court Justice

Third Wave Colonialism in South Sudan - Cory Sine PDF Print E-mail

“War brings into the full light of day the real basis of the colonial order, in other words the relation of force by which the dominant caste keeps the dominated caste in thrall.”

Revolution in the revolution, Pierre Bourdieu, 1961


The 'Non-Conclusion' of Yemen’s National Dialogue PDF Print E-mail

Stephen W. Day  it concludes without firm plans for a future government beyond general ideas of federalized parliamentary rule. As a result, there is good reason to view the NDC's closing ceremony as a non-conclusion, or at best, only a partial conclusion.

Calling Harper’s bluff over Israel - Qais Ghanem -Gulf News PDF Print E-mail

    Qais Ghanem  the trip bellows fiscal irresponsibility at a time of belt tightening. As a taxpayer, I am appalled at this needless squandering and can only hope that this contrived extravagance will be severely punished come Election Day.

Contested Ground - Cory Sine PDF Print E-mail

Control of mass-communications has always been synonymous with power in various different human societies from the ancient world to the modern. It supports the legitimacy of those in positions of influence and governance by channeling public discourse through the exploitation of its media infrastructure. Political rallying, the enforcement of law, the flourishing of business, the maintenance of public health, ecological balance, energy use and other aspects of civilization are all affected by the form of

Egypt’s long struggle for democracy PDF Print E-mail

Ehab Lotayef an Arab Canadian from Montreal

Canadians should be outraged about the PM's performance in Israel PDF Print E-mail

It is very troubling when Canada says to any country that we will support you through thick and thin, supposedly no matter what you do, as Harper has done in the Knesset,

The media is waking up to the AIPAC crusade to get us into a war with Iran PDF Print E-mail

5 min video MUST WATCH   ... with a directness never before seen on that station or anywhere else on television. Best part: when he reminds Cory Booker and the others of the last time Democrats (like Hillary Clinton) voted for a war because they were afraid not to: Iraq.

Saudi Arabia: A Retrograde Rentier Dictatorship and Global Terrorism PDF Print E-mail

James Petras   Bandar bin Sultan is the protégé and successor of Bin Laden; he has deepened and systematized global terrorism.  Bandar’s terror network has murdered far more innocent victims than Bin Laden.  That, of course, is to be expected; after all he has billions of dollars from the Saudi treasury, training from the CIA and the handshake of Netanyahu!

In Egypt, a cold winter for the Arab Spring PDF Print E-mail

The Globe and Mail       Remember Martin Niemöller said: "First they came for the Socialists..."
Egyptian authorities, who, without citing a shred of evidence, pinned the blame squarely on the Brotherhood, which had in fact condemned the bombing and renounced violence forty years ago.

Yemen: UN experts condemn drone strikes on mistaken wedding processions PDF Print E-mail

UN News Centre          If armed drones are to be used, States must adhere to international humanitarian law, and should disclose the legal basis for their operational responsibility and criteria for targeting,” said Christof Heyns, UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. Mr. Heyns also called on the US and Yemen to disclose whether they were responsible, and if so, what targeting standards were used, how many civilians were killed, and whether they plan to provide compensation for the victims’ families. “Yemen cannot consent to violations of the right to life of people in its territory,” he added

Xmas greetings to the UK Government… PDF Print E-mail

 Stuart Littlewood  Cameron like these other criminals in the US Congress continues to utter his foolish mantra about "enemies of Israel being our enemies" to satisfy the cravings of Zionists who are waiting to see more blood of American and British troops as well as that of Syrians, Iranians, Somalians, Pakistanis and other Arabs and Whites and Blacks and Asians – in the mix of troops and civilians. - Readers comment by Harriet

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